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What Is The Revised ISO 20345:2021 Standard?

What Is The Revised ISO 20345:2021 Standard?

The fundamental safety standard for footwear – ISO 20345, is about to undergo a revolution! The existing standard was last revised in 2011, and this new standard, called ISO 20345:2021 brings with it new acronyms, new testing methods, and even higher levels of safety standards that have ever been published before.

Cottonmount workwear is already reviewing and planning our transition to the new standard, so you don’t have to worry. The existing standard will be valid for the next 3 years, however, we want to adopt the new standards as soon as possible, to ensure we are offering our customers the best level of comfort and safety while they work.

There are many complex alterations and progressions in the new standard, but here are a few interesting changes that we want to share:

  • The requirement on slip resistance has been revised; marking “SRA, SRB & SRC” deleted; and introducing marking “SR” and “Ø”
  • The abrasion requirement of insoles has been revised
  • The optional requirement on ankle protection clarified
  • The optional requirement for “SC” scuff cap abrasion has been added
  • Water penetration and absorption, symbol “WRU” is deleted, and symbol “WPA” introduced
  • An optional requirement for “LG” Ladder grip of outsoles added
  • Two new categories added, S6 and S7

As always, when we introduce new products and standards, Cottonmount workwear will provide our retailers with all the training and support they require to ensure you are confident in our products and compliant with the legal requirements. We know that the many standards – ISO20345, CE, and UKCA can become a bit overwhelming, so rest assured, our technical team has it covered!