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Ringpoint Leather Comfort Insole - EU36 / UK3

Ringpoint Leather Comfort Insole

Product Code
  • Leather footbed
  • Light and fits every shoe
  • Supports massages and reduces shocks
  • Relaxes muscles sinews and ligaments and stimulates the blood circulation
  • Better grip in the shoe
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Sizes available
EU36 / UK3
EU37 / UK4
EU38 / UK5
EU39 / UK6
EU40 / UK6.5
EU41 / UK7
EU42 / UK8
EU43 / UK9
EU44 / UK10
EU45 / UK10.5
EU46 / UK11
EU47 / UK12

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Ringpoint Foot Comfort Leather Insoles are light and able to fit any existing footwear. Supporting, massaging and reducing overall shocks which help muscles and ligaments relax.

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