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Meet The Team - Matthew Armstrong

Meet The Team - Matthew Armstrong

Cottonmount is pleased to announce that Matthew will join our Business Development team. In this role, he will support our sales team and customers while exploring new business opportunities. We are confident Matthew will be a valuable asset to our organisation, and we look forward to his contributions.

Read on to learn more about Matthew, who discusses his work, background, and motivations in a series of Q&As.

1/ Company Role: 

Business Development Executive

2/ Favourite product (so far) & why: 

The old cliché, but they’re all equally impressive… if I was on the spot, the Swampmaster Defender Wellington is a hardy, strong boot ready for anything… might have to grab a pair myself!

3/ What do you want to achieve at Cottonmount? (Ambition, vision and impact). 

The simple answer is growth… daily, monthly, and yearly improvements to help the business grow in the right direction and truly deliver a product fit for all. I envisage this to include the development of our fantastic existing customer base, but also widen horizons to new customers, using the platform of our own brand Xpert to launch this.

4/ What do you do at Cottonmount? 

As a Business Development Executive, my role is to oversee the development of existing and new opportunities by innovating and overseeing the sales process for the business. This can come in the form of identifying and researching prospects that come up in markets, preparing and delivering pitches and presentations for these, and managing company risks that could limit growth.

5/ What are your credentials/past experience working in your position? 

Previous experience has had a heavy focus on marketing, focusing on consumer behaviour and advertising techniques to maximise customer thresholds for individual products, utilising various mediums to do so. This generates the idea of what our wholesale customers are looking for and how their customers respond to changes and spending habits. This is a collaborative approach with our customers and one we hope to support them with!

6/ How would your friends or family best describe you? 

I better be careful what I say here! I feel they would describe me as outgoing, bubbly, friendly and the odd time, a little grumpy… depending on how much sleep I’ve had!!

7/ Why did you choose to work at Cottonmount? 

Nowadays, it is hard to find a company with such traditional ties to its family heritage and delivering products you can sincerely be proud of. Cottonmount has a key focus on the Agricultural industry, and given my background, this also sparked my interest… if I’m not working on a farm, why not find some tie to it (there’s always been a passion there!) A growing company also, it was clear management have such strong ambition and vision to take Cottonmount to new heights, an exciting prospect with endless opportunities… as long as we need food, we will always have our farmers!

8/ What’s your background? 

I grew up on our family beef farm, so I suppose this has given me great insight into what this company can offer so many and how to best approach this. Any chance that time allows it, I’ll pull on the wellies to lend a hand where I can! Once I finished school, I popped across the water to England to study for my degree in Business & Management, to allow a focus on various facets of commercial success like operations, marketing, service and finance.

9/ What are the values that drive you? 

Honesty, Commitment and Success – it’s quite easy sometimes to get caught up on the little things, but sticking to true values of hard work and trust, these create a platform for growth with not just colleagues but customers alike.

10/ What do you enjoy doing when you are not working? 

I’d consider myself quite the sports fan, so when not working, if I’m not playing football/tennis etc., I’ll have it on the TV watching the pros show me how it’s done!

Join us in welcoming Matthew to the Cottonmount team, I'm sure you will hear from him soon.

Do you have a business opportunity you would like to discuss with Matthew? Send him an email at matthew.armstrong@cottonmount.com