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The Benefits of Shock Absorbing PU

The Benefits of Shock Absorbing PU

In light of the re-release of our new Xpert Tempest 2 Non-Safety Dealer Boot, we wanted to break down the benefits of PU and explain how this added feature ensures optimal all-day comfort, regardless of how demanding your day is.



For prolonged wearing, a PU insole gives the highest performance of any insole. PU foam is filled with thousands of tiny bubbles, like little gas cells that compress and rebound when you walk. With PU, these bubbles retain their structure for a very long time. With EVA or traditional foam insoles, the bubbles get squashed flat and permanently lose their gas a lot quicker.


PU Insoles will last for the lifetime of your boots. Other Insoles like EVA or Foam will either get flat and hard and stop doing their job, or they will wear out and become crumbly and thin. This is why you see an EVA insole in a running shoe because it is slightly lighter, but it is not very durable. Most manufacturers would recommend you change EVA insoles every 3 – 6 months to maintain performance.


Our PU insoles are designed to offer support where you need it. Accurately sized to cover the entire footbed and shock-absorbing thicker heel section and Arch support areas. An excellent fitting insole is essential to maximise shock absorption across the whole foot when walking.